Connection is back!

A few days after the blackout caused by Telekom, the Iranian banks are back on phone and internet. The German la was well as the German courts have shown independence. So at least the German system works, even Telekom has illegally broken law.

New connection!

With judgement from Hamburg Landesgericht, the Telekom hast to re-establish the connection of Iranian banks. The Telekom has stopped the delivery of ordered services without any reason. It is the most obvious action of following American policy against European policy.


Telekom vs Germany First

Actually, it is totally fine for all that a company can decide with whom they want to make business. In addition, it is understandable that Telekom is rather servicing US companies than Iranian banks. However, the Telekom is not a normal company; even they act as normal competitive company. They are owned for a great instance by German government and are supported by several initiatives and laws from competition through German government. That means, that an expansion to other countries is well understood, but German interest has to be first. If not, than we can sell the remaining shares and open the market.


Where are our politicians?

With this maneuver, Telekom has shown quite dis-respect for European and German laws. As we have the blocking law and our politicians have expressed the clear will to stay in the nuclear deal and keep the business alive, the Telekom showed their weakness. I would have expected that the German politicians snubbed Telekom and his board members in public to show attitude. But unfortunately no attitude.


Win of the strongest?

Right now, it seems that USA or other powerful states can do what they want. This is the beginning of an extreme dangerous situation. If we start that dialogue and discourse are not the measures of first choice, where will we end? If the strongest is the ruler, we are back in the dark times of our history and these times always ended with a massive war in the end

Hope for the best – prepare for the rest!


Stay tuned



Yours K-Street6 Team