SWIFT where are you?

Since today the SWIFT has closed its interface for Iranian banks. This news is more than thrilling as this is, frommy point of view, not based on any law in Europe. So it is clear against European politics. Needless to say what we expect from government and what we might get.

SWIFT sneaks out silently

Only people with a very sensible sixth sense for timing and of course the employees in the banks realized today that SWIFT has stopped collaboration with Iranian banks. No German newspaper, no website has anything written. We did not find anything in any website of European Union or on website of the German Bundesregierung  also nothing was announced. I doubt that we get an answer. But for me it is pretty clear a breach of European laws.



In a statement, Swift described its move to suspend certain Iranian banks from its service as “regrettable” but said it had been done to maintain the stability and integrity of the global financial system. 

 I personally like most the expression “to maintain stability and integrity”. On which basis? These are very interesting times. It could lead to diminishing of a superpower and the rise of a new world order. As no one can definitely  explain the factors and mechanism to become, stay or loose superpower. I simply do not know if I shall like it...


Stay tuned


Yours K-Street6 Team