The modern art of payment

For this year’s nou rouz we have been again in Iran and enjoyed the calm and easy going days in

Tehran. And as we had some problems with the account of my wife we went on and

visited the bank. And what a surprise - fast and nice!

The account of my wife was not really working the last time we have been there, and also the card was locked due a wrong usage by her husband. But you need a fully working card in Tehran, no one is carrying all the bank notes you need for shopping. And also very important, how can you load up your telephone without a working card. So as we didn’t really want to spend a day at banks office we had to.


How can I help you?

Everyone who has been in a Iranian bank branch can only agree with me saying that the Iranian sense for beauty and good taste is completely lost in this branches. There was a ladder standing around, old boxes for whatever in the corner, the seats for waiting old and shabby. I don’t know why Iranians do not like their banks or their bank clerks. But the clerk was very nice and as my wife explained the problems he was really in a good mood to help. The bank account was opened in another branch so he was actually not responsible for the account. But one call and they transferred by mail all the necessary documents to the branch we where sitting.


New card and new internet banking now!

So what has happened? Not only the thing with the husband but also some problems with old

signatures given a long time ago and now changed. So they had to renew the identification. This was done in a few minutes and then he proposed to initiate the online banking as he realized that we are living outside Iran. Within 15 minutes, my wife was eligible to start the online banking and in a way of self service interaction with the teller machine she was able to unlock the account

and change the PIN as she wants. And now we have a online account in Iran working with German telephone in Germany. And all within a quarter hour. This is digitization that helps people. Not necessarily a fancy application but a stable working system which helps me out in a blink of an eye !


Stay tuned


Yours K-Street6 Team