It is always about the documents...

Sometimes it is interesting what is not said or what is said in a reference that seems to be at least unusual. This happen in an article of Financial Tribune we are talking about today. Or maybe it’s just me, seeing the things which I am dealing with on the surface. Maybe I should dig deeper….

News from South Pars

But what am I talking about? The other day I was reading through the latest articles about Iran and I was also overflying this article about the status of South Pars.

The article says in a nutshell, that despite some rumor, Total, the French oil company, is planning to utilize on the site Iranian goods from Iranian provider as far as possible. And currently the capacity for providing is about 70% of the total goods.


Rumor about Total

Reason was that obviously some “well-informed” groups have spread the information that Total does not intend to use Iranian goods for the construction site South Pars. As it is financed by government this would be much more than only a herb rebound for the Iranian economy. As Total is exploiting South Pars together with China National Petroleum Corp and Petropars it would be very critical for the government. Even more annoying this would be as the contract says a minimum of 51% delivery from Iranian providers to the site.


News from the shadow are good for whom?

First thing I would like to mention is the obvious need that someone has distributed the wrong information and someone could be harmed. This shows how weak the Iranian government has become on the economic foot. Despite successful opening the country, the people in the country have not yet seen the growing economy. Much worse, the effects if there, are completely eaten up by the Jump of Dollar and Euro. Question is, who wants now a destabilization? 


It is all about the documents

Second thing which I found much more interesting was the following: “The European company has defined preconditions for domestic firms, such as Iranian companies having their accounts audited, meeting standards and obtaining international certificates,” he added. He is Reza Padidar, the chairman of the board of directors of Iranian Petroleum Industries Equipment Manufacturers Association. So if this guy says something like this he means it the one or other way. And here my guess meets from reality. I know so many companies failing to provide solid reports. Even company overviews, organizational charts, declaration of independence or ease ownership structures are hard to get on the first step. Things which are completely standard in my world cause real problems in Iranian companies. So I find it very interesting that such a prominent person of public interest is stating this topic in public.

Or maybe he just took the first answer he could find, maybe he wanted to say something. But either this or that or another reason, he has the problem on the table and it bothers him. That’s what I read in this article and it confirms me with all our struggles to reach undoubtful solid information. In this way…


Stay tuned


Yours K-Street6 Team