Not everything is big politics

Today I was not sure what to write in my blog, so I was more talking to friends than working. But one told me about the latest article from the Middle East Bank, which is really interesting to read. It combines a lot of topics about the difficulties of money transfers from and to Iran, but the view on own faults is very enlightening.

Bad boys didn’t let us transfer money!

As I merely cite the article in the following, I will not miss to comment afterwards….. But please read yourself:

“In response to recent complaints of Iranian petrochemical companies regarding difficulties in transferring money from China to their accounts in Iran, the head of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce enumerated money laundering concerns as the main reason behind the problem. “Iranian petrochemical companies issue their bill of lading from the ports of Fujairah or Abu Dhabi, therefore due to money laundering issues, Chinese companies claim that the money should be transferred to a bank in Fujairah or Abu Dhabi and not to Iran,” Asadollah Asgaroladi was also quoted as saying by ILNA. However, Asgaroladi noted that legally speaking, Chinese companies are right in doing so since a shipment that was supposed to be sent from Iran was sent from UAE. “The mistake originated from our own petrochemical companies,” he said. The head of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce also pointed to problems facing Iranian students in China and Malaysia, as their families have traveled to these countries to visit their children but they have also purchased significant amounts of goods and shipped them back to Iran. “Many of these families have bought about $100,000 worth of goods from China and shipped them to Iran without paying any kind of duties and that issues related to Iranian students in China have nothing to do with US President Donald Trump’s visit to China,” he added.


A regulation is a regulation and is a regulation

We are dealing with a lot of nations and as German I am allowed to say that a lot of nations do not  pay that tight attention to rules as the Germans do. For some of the European countries a rule or regulation is some kind of suggestion for behavior, you can obey if applicable. If it is better not to do, also fine. And this is also some behavior we know from our Iranian friends. But maybe sometimes it is not to bad to stick to rules. Especially when you want something from the others, the ones who installed the rule. I was not aware that Chinese are also very picky about rules, but I have to admit, I understand them


It was definitively because we are Iranian

And we also see, as it is mentioned in the article, not always someone is mean to one because this one being Iranian. Sometimes it’s just because of doing something not the way some other nations would prefer to be done. And this is what gave me a smile as I read this article. When I discuss with some of my clients to do things as agreed or try to explain why some rules have to be obeyed, I have no a good and prominent partner in supporting my argumentation. That’s what I like and will make my live much easier…


Stay tuned


Yours K-Street6 Team