On the pulse of Iran: the booming renewable energy

As we have always one ear to Iran, the news today are really exciting. Recently came through, that the well know renewable energy investor Quercus has signed a deal with Iranian government to invest nearly half a billion euros in a solar power project. The construction in Iran will start early in first half of 2018. This project will multiply Iran’s installed solar energy capacity by several times. Today they have 53 MW under production, according official figures.

Renewables for environment

As reported, the whole site will have 600-megawatt (MW), located in the central Iran. It is hold as sixth largest plant project behind China and India. The reason for this heavy investing is not that obvious, knowing Iran as one of the richest countries in terms of gas and oil. But what most visitors realize once they come to Iran is the air pollution. Not only that still today mostly older and not really clean cars are used, but also the heavy energy plants burning gas and oil to deliver enough energy for the plants. They have all their share in the air pollution. And Iran has to focus on this things not becoming worse in terms of problems for trade and production but also people are becoming more and more interested in their environment. And no government wants to have people on the street just for nature. And also not to forget, Iran has made already a commitment to develop 5 GW of new renewable energy capacity by 2020.


The logic of energy production

The plan for re-powering Iran with renewable energy is not new, it was officially announced a few years ago, but with sanctions no one could have thought about realization.

The fascinating strategy behind is becoming more independent from oil and gas and start to become the major hub for electricity in the region. If you know, that Iran’s special geopolitical location gives the country huge resources of solar, wind and geothermal energy, then suddenly all pieces fit together. In the end the country is becoming one of the best areas for renewable energies.


Side effects

With the attractive investments in wind and solar energy the country can not only finance itself with selling fuels they don’t need anymore to other countries at god prices, but also draw in the whole chain of industry following the plants. It will not stop with exploration of wind and sun by building plants, it goes on with infrastructure, streets and trains. People in the distant regions of Iran become part of the industrialization and jobs bring money. And money brings further development. That’s why this strategy is so amazing. Read more here


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