The pre-opening of Iran or...

Within the last years we have been in business, we always had the same experience: people either where not able to do business with Iranian companies due to several  - more or less - reasonable and comprehensible reasons, or had a very healthy and normal relation to Iran as business partner.

Iran en vogue

Today now something very interesting happend. All are eager to get a foot step into Iran and are keen on having business with Iranian companies. But please not with direct relation or some public., because you never know what will happen if the congress says "No", if the Iranian government says "No" or the Europeans say "No" or if there is something...


Especially as we are currently on a roadshow for a very interesting Iranian industrial group with several millions turnover, a few thousand employees and a stable customer base in a healthy industry. We get mostly the very interesting questions, if someone can invest through a third Party, not really traceable back!


Better wait for the first one...

This is the real problem now for the Iranian economy, and thus for the Iranian government to overcome this situation of waiting until something happens. This can cause a steady state of inaction that will give all opponents of such a opening enough arguments. Cause effectively nothing changes although some very high compromises are given. Thus "why should we do that" will be the only question of this opinion leaders and then we will see the self-fulfilling prophecy, we all fear off.


That’s why we stay on our roadshow, hoping for someone interesting to be really interested in an interesting Iranian industrial Group ! 


Stay tuned


Your K-Street6 Team