Ideas and ventures, driven by passion and curiosity

K-Street6 is our platform for all the ideas we are trying and the venture we are following. And it also the platform for you. We are using K-Street6 as a stage for your ideas, just providing some transversal services, which we gathered through our own ventures.


Through a lot of interesting roles and projects we have gathered quiet a wide range of different skills and expertise. Thus we are happy to say, we can deliver as well as financial and business engineering in an one stop shop approach.
Especially we are deep in financial advisory, domestic ramp-up and sales support


And of course we are locally deeply involved in German and Iran.

K-Street6 has its origin in the foundation of our own delicious label Nik & Sal which is always on the search for Persian delicacy and great fashion for Europe. It also serves as hub for our family business. These roots are born in our private life, seasoned with the experience from our job life. But as we have seen how life-enhancing creating something valuable in a global world could be, we decided to share our experience and start to open our services.


We are proud of beeing capable for a wide range of service areas. And we love to share our experience and our capabilities to guide you around the pitfalls of international business.


Our ventures represent a little bit our world. We are a mixture of orient and occident, of software understanding and business know how of accounting and inventing. And so are our ventures. We came from polychemical industry and banking business and are now into food and fashion business.


So lets see what will happen in future!

News from our Blog:

Small steps in a world of checks and balances

The new year started with some verbal threads from some president to Iran and some senseless potential espionage from in Germany which does not necessarily make our life easier. But there are also news, that look promising. Exactly like the news about privatization of the biggest banks in Iran 

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It`s winter and time for reflection - Hurra, next year PSD2 is coming

With January 1st, 2018 the PSD2 starts and a lot of people are really partying this topic. And I Am not sure if I want it. For me – and maybe I am a little bit oldschool – a bank is a bank and my money is something for me and not thought for sharing. For sharing I have payment proxies like a credit card or Paypal.

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Earthquakes - the real ones, not the verbal speech offences

Since we are travelling to Iran we never thought about the tectonics of Iran. Of course we can remember the catastrophe of Bam in 2003, but it was never so really in my active thinking. Now with the big earthquake we got a smooth reminder. We took this to write a small excursion about Iranian special situation. 

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Not everything is big politics

Today I was not sure what to write in my blog, so I was more talking to friends than working. But one told me about the latest article from the Middle East Bank, which is really interesting to read. It combines a lot of topics about the difficulties of money transfers from and to Iran, but the view on own faults is very enlightening.

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On the pulse of Iran: the booming renewable energy

As we have always one ear to Iran, the news today are really exciting. Recently came through, that the well know renewable energy investor Quercus has signed a deal with Iranian government to invest nearly half a billion euros in a solar power project. The construction in Iran will start early in first half of 2018. This project will multiply Iran’s installed solar energy capacity by several times. Today they have 53 MW under production, according official figures.

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