Our ideas, driven by our passion for new adventures

K-Street6 is our platform for all the ventures we are trying and the ideas we are following. We are also providing with K-Street6 the right stage for your ideas, providing them transversal services, especially financial advisory, domestic ramp-up and sales support as well in Europe, especially Germany and Iran .


Through a lot of interesting roles and challenges we have gathered quiet a wide range of different skills and expertise. Thus we are happy to say, we can deliver as well as financial and business engineering in an one stop approach.

Our profession - customized for new ventures

K-Street6 has its origin in the foundation of our own delicious food label Nik & Sal which is always on teh search for Persian delicacy for Europe. It also serves as hub for our family business. Both roots are born in our private life, seasoned with the experience from our job life. But as we have seen how life-enhancing creating something valuable in a global world could be, we decided to share our experience and start to open our services.


We are proud of beeing capable for a wide range of service areas. And we love to share our experience and our capabilities to guide you around the pitfalls of international business.


Our ventures represent a little bit our world. Our team and we are a mixture of orient and occident, of software understanding and business know how. And so are our ventures. We came from polychemical industry and banking business and are now into food business.


So lets see what will happen in future?

Current K-Street6 Ventures:

Petrochemical Company: One of the biggest and most innovative privately-owned petrochemical companies of Iran is our newest venture.  K-Street6 is driving the German sales channel. Due to our origins in Germany and Iran we are very proud to be the bridge to Germany for this excellent company. We can now offer all sorts of polyethylene as high density polyethylene (HDPL) in different Basell grades, low density polyethylene (LDPE) or linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE).


Nikoogroup: The biggest Iranian fiber manufacturer: K-Street6 is supporting the group through out our sales and business solutions in Europe. We are also delivering some financial advisory for optimized financial engineering.

Have a look under www.nikoogroup.com


Tex-Trade: German based representative for Iranian production groups, focused on the textile markets. We were engaged to optimize and restructure the financial organization.


Nik & Sal: The luxury Persian food maker: Promotion of our label, which comprises our Iranian food business as today we have nuts, pistachios, tea and assorted dried fruits in our product range. This is our main idea, connecting Iran and Germany with a wonderful product. You will find more on the website. Stay tuned! 

Have a look under www.nikandsal.com!

News from our Blog:

Coming bank to Europe

With the sanctions having being lifted a big step was made. But much more important for the suffering economy is the weak banking industry. Not only have banks suffered the last years from the dropping profits and thus rising number of unpaid debts, but much more they have not support the Iranian companies in their need of cash or facilited transnational business. So the latest news from France gives a glimpse of a light in the shadow.

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Fintech all over – Fintech in Iran

The interesting thing with banking in Iran is, that we have on the one side a market completely excluded and cut from the rest of the world, but on the other side knowing whats going on in the world and also having the same capabilities for development or demand.

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Blockchain - Who will be first with read-for-use

As reported, IBM has launched in last year a blockchain ecosystem on Hyperledger Fabric. Clear target for IBM is to become one of the blockchain superpowers and be in the middle of future blockchain networks. Nothing could have been more boosting this technology as when one of the tech giants starts to pamper the small plantlet.

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Front show off or rather cost lowering in the back?

The most of the Fintechs which are well-known in public take their publicity from the fancy new ways of interaction with the customer. This seemingly new and futuristic new banking is what the people like to talk about and like to take as prove for the inability of banks to cope with the future. But it is not necessarily the philosopher’s stone for banks…

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Is the future really peer to peer?

Recently in a German magazine was again an article about the blockchain. Again it was stated how great the technology is and how awesome the new future will be. And of course a prediction of big banking extinction was stated. I have to admit, there is something wrong with the current banking systems. We read nearly daily about some data leaks in Fintechs as well as banks, we have not the products, people wish for financing their houses or to save money. But to blame the Banks is one thing, but to forecast a peer to peer world is from my point of view to far reaching.

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