Ideas and ventures, driven by passion and curiosity

K-Street6 is our platform for all the ideas we are trying and the venture we are following. And it also the platform for you. We are using K-Street6 as a stage for your ideas, just providing some transversal services, which we gathered through our own ventures.


Through a lot of interesting roles and projects we have gathered quiet a wide range of different skills and expertise. Thus we are happy to say, we can deliver as well as financial and business engineering in an one stop shop approach.
Especially we are deep in financial advisory, domestic ramp-up and sales support


And of course we are locally deeply involved in German and Iran.

K-Street6 has its origin in the foundation of our own delicious label Nik & Sal which is always on the search for Persian delicacy and great fashion for Europe. It also serves as hub for our family business. These roots are born in our private life, seasoned with the experience from our job life. But as we have seen how life-enhancing creating something valuable in a global world could be, we decided to share our experience and start to open our services.


We are proud of beeing capable for a wide range of service areas. And we love to share our experience and our capabilities to guide you around the pitfalls of international business.


Our ventures represent a little bit our world. We are a mixture of orient and occident, of software understanding and business know how of accounting and inventing. And so are our ventures. We came from polychemical industry and banking business and are now into food and fashion business.


So lets see what will happen in future!

News from our Blog:

Connection is back!

A few days after the blackout caused by Telekom, the Iranian banks are back on phone and internet. The German la was well as the German courts have shown independence. So at least the German system works, even Telekom has illegally broken law.

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SWIFT where are you?

Since today the SWIFT has closed its interface for Iranian banks. This news is more than thrilling as this is, frommy point of view, not based on any law in Europe. So it is clear against European politics. Needless to say what we expect from government and what we might get.

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Sanctions are back - Or how to deal with unknown variables

Despite all confirmations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) the US have brought back in place the former sanctions, stopped as conditon of the so called nuklear deal. The next round of sanctions of the US administration will start by November 4th and they can become really tricky because they target the financial sector. This means a new aspect in the game ofthe powerful how to deal with US and to find the best strategy to survive. 

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Inflation and other reasons for high prices

In the last months or better weeks Irans currency has ground rocketed in a way that it lost more than two thirds of its value. And on the other side the house prices have gained about 50% value as more and more people which have money, invest their money in apartments. Whats going on? The country shall be big enough to be at least a little bit stable?

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Iran under pressure - and now?

With the recent stop of US government in dealing with the P5+1 negotiated contract for preventing Iran getting nuclear weapons and the claim for new and "strongest sanctions ever" times have changed harshly. What does this mean? What will come?

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